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Boat rental

We have 7 rental boats in different sizes, sea kayaks and canoes. ou may want to book a boat in advance. The boats can be rented per day, weekend or week. One day applies from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m

Rules for using the boats:
  • Everyone born after 1978 must present a boat driver’s certificate.
  • It is forbidden to enjoy alcohol in the boat
  • n the case of several people in the boat, a responsible person is appointed who is responsible for the boat and engine as well as the safety of their own people and possibly other seafarers.
  • Damage to a boat and equipment will be charged to the responsible person.
  • Boat and equipment must be cleaned and cleared to the next user.
  • The boat must be returned by 24:00
  • Fish waste must be dumped by the tenant in deep water after each trip.
  • It is forbidden to throw fish waste in rubbish bins or on the shore.
  • Fish waste that is left in containers on land is transported by our personnel in deep water
    at the boat owner’s expense.
  • Good fishing tips and fishing maps are available at the reception. Happy fishing.